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Make a Wish and Fling the Penny

But I got what I wished for a long time ago

your resident bundle of sunshine&squee&rage ♥
and i'm not gonna live my life
{Lahori for life. Lover of Ice Tea. Avid reader. Faithful artist. Role-player. Appreciator of both genders. Born and Bred city girl. Liberal views, knows own limits. Religious, but very open. Environmental activist. Flamboyantly ambitious. Tends to contradict own self. Narcissistic, but with low self-esteem. Thoughtful. Strong morals. Strong family values. Passionate. Patriotic. Over-affectionate. Wants to be a Humanitarian. Wants to change the world. Wants a latte.}

one side of an ampersand
My name is Neiha Lasharie, and I will be your host. I was raised in Pakistan and lived there for 12 years, most of which I spent in the beautiful and crazy city of Lahore. When August '07 rolled around, I had to move to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, also known as one of the fastest developing cities in the world. This can be awesome, but it can also be insane, especially when coupled with all the ~~woes of my teenage years, my IGCSEs and missing my country. But, hey - I'm not exactly known for giving up.

even if i went with you
Fandoms --> American Idol (I'M A KRADAM FANGIRL: YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.) Axis Powers: Hetalia, Death Note, Glee, Digimon, Umineko, Harry Potter, Ouran High School Host Club, all of my friends(Kelly/VickyKelly/VickyKelly/Vicky).

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i'm not the girl you think i am

65daysofstatic, a northern chorus, a perfect circle, accents, adele, alexander rybak, alternative, amanda palmer, anathema, ancient history, anime, ankles showing omg knees, art, axis powers: hetalia, ayreon, bahs-whatever-stan, beaches, being a geek, being a good muslim, being a pansexual-hippy-loveforall muslim, being ambitious!, being eki's terrorist, being fucking adorable, being ridiculously ukelicious, being taller, big houses, bishies, books, charcoal, classical music, coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, coldplay, colors, conspiracy theories, cool breezes, counter strike, countryshipping, creatures by tables, cricket, cute guys, daaaayum, dean koontz, death note, debating, decorating, def poetry, digimon, don't call me baby, drawing, dresses, dubai, earth, emilie autumn, eurovision, explosions in the sky, fancy stuff, fanfiction, fanfictions, fangirling, fashion, first-person shooters, floating, fuckin' french-ass sereux, fucking profanity, gaming, geek stuff, good music, hair dye, harry potter, het, history, hot girls, hot guys, hot irish guys, hugs, indie, islam, julk angry julk smash, kelly is firecrotch, kenjamin, lady gaga, lahore, lattes, lezaved! ♥, lipton ice tea, manga, manhattan, matt, medal of honor, mello, mmorpgs, more pink, movies, muse, music, my chemical romance, mythology, near, new york, new york university, non-alcoholic drinks, not anarchy, not being eki's bitch, not rap, novels, novikov not handel!, nyc, nyu, objectifyiiing, opeth, pakistan, paramore, philosophy, pink, placebo, pokemon, politics, post rock, procrastinating, rain, reading, red-headed flamers, regina spektor, religion, roarin' 20s, roleplay, secret garden, sexy short men, shisha, shopping, smut, starbucks bitch, suheir hammad, swimming, the big apple, the british are- shit, the cranberries, the dresden dolls, the hush sound, the script, the world, thinking, too much information, united nations, walking, world peace, writing, yaoi, yuri, ~~